About Us

Technotects was founded in 1996 to provide results-oriented technology consulting services.  Led by experienced, knowledgeable and insightful professionals, our depth and breadth of experience in product and systems development, research and development, and innovative technology-oriented services makes us the top in our field—while our client-focused approach to business makes us a trusted and responsive partner.

We base our management principles on a people-centric philosophy. With a strong belief in ethics and values, we have cultivated a collaborative and work-friendly environment that encourages our employees to strive for—and achieve—excellence. We provide continuous learning opportunities for our software consultants, believing that only an educated, technically savvy and customer-oriented employee can provide our clients with the software engineering and systems integration expertise they deserve.

Meet our technology architects:

Principals and Chief Technologists

At Technotects, we are…

We are Client Focused

At the end of the day, our relationship with YOU is what’s important. We want to understand your goals and objectives and figure out how we can help you meet them. We want to leverage our knowledge for the benefit of you and your business. We want to see you succeed and thrive. Our commitment to our clients is what drives all our work, each and every day.

We are Value Driven

We work with you to establish clear goals and priorities, then we back up our recommendations with an unparalleled commitment to quality, excellence and results. We are experienced in using our knowledge to construct the optimum technology strategy for your objectives. From the creation of a proper software infrastructure for an Internet of Things initiative to the programming and implementation of real-time embedded controllers in manufacturing processes, we are confident in our ability to propose the solution that makes the most business sense and that is the most beneficial for YOU.

We are Employee Committed

We actively encourage and financially support continuing education for our employees. Our consultants participate regularly in certified training courses, in-house training programs, industry seminars, trade shows and mentoring opportunities. Our work environment fosters personal responsibility, innovation and individual professional growth, which in turn helps us provide a premium service to YOU.

Why Technotects?

Domain experience in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Water/Wastewater, Agriculture, Energy and more

Expertise and experience with all major industrial IoT technologies, from sensor to edge to fog to cloud to insights

Small, high performance teams delivering cutting edge technology solutions on spec, on time and on budget.