Industrial IoT Edge Intelligence

Architecting the Intelligent IIoT Edge

Intelligent Edge computing architectures move compute processing closer to the users and devices that need it rather than having it occur centrally in a data center or a public cloud. The industrial IoT edge has become critical for industrial manufacturing processes that use vast amounts of data that require rapid reaction times and that need rigorous security attached to them.

With core skills ranging from real-time, mission-critical embedded control to developing and deploying Intelligent Edge solutions on leading Industrial IoT platforms, our technology architects bring together innovative  technology providers focused on the advancement of IIoT applications to deploy scalable, differentiated solutions that help businesses deliver better outcomes.

Industrial IoT Services

  • Full IoT Sensor to Cloud Integration
  • Custom IoT Edge Software Stacks
  • Edge Computing – ML, AI and Analytics
  • UI/UX Design – HMI, Dashboards &  Edge Consoles
  • Real-Time Automation Control
  • Industrial Sensor & I/O Integration
  • Docker Container Management
  • Edge X Foundry Development
  • Data Conditioning, Alarming and Alerts
  • Custom  Edge Application Development
  • Industrial Protocol Drivers
  • Edge Management Consoles
  • Remote Device Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Industrial IoT Jumpstart Kits
  • Mobile & Web App Integration

Why Technotects?

Domain experience in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Water/Wastewater, Agriculture, Energy and more

Expertise and experience with all major industrial IoT technologies, from sensor to edge to fog to cloud to insights

Small, high performance teams delivering cutting edge technology solutions on spec, on time and on budget.