Health Risk Detection and Protection

Create a Healthier Workplace

As the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and communities emerge from quarantine and work-from-home mandates, it’s very likely that residual fear about workplace health and safety will endure. The Technotects IoT-enabled Health Risk Detection and Protection solution is designed to protect the health and well-being of employees, contractors and customers by detecting elevated body temperatures (EBT), promoting healthy hand hygiene and social distancing upon entrance to a facility.


Putting the focus on Health and Safety

Incorporating FDA-approved thermal imaging cameras for Elevated Body Temperature screening and the latest IoT technologies, the Health Risk Detection and Protection Kiosk can help create a healthier and more protective environment for your people, build employee confidence and ensure business continuity.

The Technotects Health Risk Detection and Protection Kiosk is a touchless station with a highly accurate thermal imaging camera that automatically detects body temperature in seconds and reinforces mask-wearing and hand-sanitizing protocols.

Modern technologies include advanced edge computing, real-time alerts, door access control, badge ID capture, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) functionality to manage your fleet of stations and analyze the collected, anonymized data in the cloud.


  • Hands-free interactive kiosk designed to accommodate most body heights. Meets American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines
  • Informative and easy-to-clean, sealed glass monitor
  • FDA-approved FLIR® thermal imaging camera for contactless temperature monitoring
  • EdgeSmart® IoT software to collect, analyze, control, display and stream anonymized data. Integrate the kiosk into your enterprise or cloud systems
  • Visual and audible indicators with real-time email & text alerts
  • Optional hand sanitizer or wipe dispenser holder for policy compliance
  • Optional RFID/barcode employee badge reader and guest badge printer
  • Optional door-lock, turnstile, gate access controls
  • Simple 120VAC plug-in power (UPS-backed)
  • Enclosure Dimensions: Height: 54.8” | Width: 20” | Depth: 15.8”
  • Stable base with caster or bolt-down options
  • Driven by a Dell® rugged IoT Edge Gateway computer equipped with LAN, WiFi and 4G/5G cellular communications for remote system management and cloud storage

Get back to work today… Safely

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